Monday, September 1, 2014

Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014 Boat locations

reports are slowing down, as most of the boats are in or nearing San Francisco - congrats to all!  karl

6:46 today Kaye posted:  Ahoy Coho Ho's,  Sonamara, the Abby Normals, and Namaste are still in the land of Hitchcock's The Birds (Bodega Bay). We actually had a Tippi Hedren sighting, the star.
   Sonamara and Abby Normal plan to leave in the wee hours tomorrow with Namaste leaving later in the week. Our next stop will be SF with the other folks stopping in Drakes Bay first.
   See you in San Francisco. It's been quite an adventure!  Cheers and safe travels...

oh, and we received this message - anybody know who he's talking about?  "I......" Impulsive?

from: Lambertus Kuipers <>

Aug 30 (2 days ago)
We are from the Netherlands and we meet you last year in Anacortes. We have a sailing cataman. Now i have a question. Last tuesday we leave Newport with 3 other sailboats..  I think from the cohoho rally. With one a boatname with a I.......coming from Portland . We had short radio contact. When we sailing in very thick misty weather i make super nice picures from them.  Sometimes we hear them over the radio far away. We arrive yesterday evening in San Francisco after a super sail trip we sailing all. 
Maby you can give them our mail adress. Than i can sent them the picures. 

Sailing catamaran Dual Dragons

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