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Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014: Brads last official weather brief. September 1, 2014 monday

Brad Baker Coho ho ho weather September 1, 2014


This will be my last official weather brief for the Coho ho ho.  I know that there are two more boats yet to depart and a few of you out there at various locations.   Things get busy for us at Swiftsure Yachts this time of year with preparations for two boat shows and an influx of new lisitings, so I will not be continuing with daily weather briefs.  Don't be afraid to give me a shout via email or phone 206-920-7174 if you would like a quick look at conditions specific to you.  I make no promises, but I'll do what I can.    Further I apologize for this late forecast today.  I've been internet challenged this morning.


We have the textbook pattern with high pressure offshore and an inland thermal low for Northern California.   Winds off the Southern Oregon and Northern California coast will be definite small craft advisory levels and the National Weather service is calling for gales more than 60 miles off the coast.  This pattern will continue at least through the next four days, however thermal low is forecast to extend a bit off shore and the waters from SF south should moderate at bit during this week, perhaps lightening a bit further north come Friday.


Four day forecast for Southern Oregon and Northern California


Today September 1, 2014, Labor Day!


Wind N to NW 15-30 knots with higher gusts possible.  Combined seas to 9' with a short wave period.


Tuesday September 2


Wind N to NW 15-30 with gusts to 35.  Strongest winds between the capes.  Less wind 10 miles or closer to shore.  Combined seas to 12' with short wave period


Wednesday September 3


Possible gale force winds between the capes.   N to NW winds 15-35 with gust to 40.  The strongest winds between the capes.  Less wind closer to shore.  Winds nearer SF should be more moderate to 20 knots.  Seas will be confused with breaking waves in the worst areas.  Wave height will vary, but is forecast to reach up to 13' of combined seas.


Thursday September 4


N to NW winds 15-25, with possible higher gusts.  The National Weather Service is calling for the wind to ease a bit in the afternoon and evening as the thermal low starts to move offshore.  I'm perhaps a bit skeptical, but what you probably can depend on is the conditions will be more mellow 10 miles or closer to shore.  Seas, confused, to 11' in the worst areas.


Friday September 5


Well, what can I say, the forecast according to the weather service is for the wind to moderate quite a bit except N. of Cape Blanco.  So wind speeds 5-20 South of Cape Blanco and 10-25 N. of Cape Blanco.  Seas, combined seas to 7 or 8 feet, but definitely trending less throughout the day.


Brad Baker


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