Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fwd: August 21 Weather

Karl report:

Locations as I know them August 20

sv Journey - reported to be in Eureka day before yesterday

sv Non Sequitur - reported in Coos bay day before yesterday

sv Dawn Treader - "I am in Coos Bay and Headed South."

sv Unleashed - "Unleashed plans to leave Eureka today, crossing the bar at 7a.  We will be sailing to Bodega Bay, which is a 31 hour sail."

sv Moments - reported in Westport day before yesterday, should be on their way today

sv Ohana - "We are now heading out of Newport OR around 0730 amon Wednesday (08/21). We remain with the plan on going direct to Half Moon Bay, CA."

and now, Brads Weather Brief:

(Note: "It is highly recommended that you use multiple sources for weather. Shortened weather briefings may leave out important details. Mariners are responsible for his or her Vessel situation and crew.")

From: Brad Baker
Date: Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 7:41 AM
Subject: August 21 Weather

A ridge of high pressure off the US  coast today gives the potential for small craft advisory winds from California border north to Cape Flattery.    The strongest N winds today look to be off the Oregon Coast, but wind speed should stay mid 20's and below (always the potential for higher gusts).    From about the California border South, conditions should be or have already changed to much lighter conditions as the inland low actually migrates to the west over the California coast.    There is definitely the potential for winds to blow out of the South for a brief time from the Northern California border South in the waters closest to the coast.

The weather models show a transition in the eastern pacific.  The high pressure will be replaced by a trough, as the high pressure moves well offshore and to the South.    As usual conditions will vary up and down the coast.  North winds North of Cape Blanco will subside Thursday then shift to the South on Friday.  South of Cape Blanco it's likely thing will get light but may also blow out of the South today and then transition back to North sometime Thursday.  By the weekend things look to have settled into a pattern with not a lot of pressure gradient from mid Oregon North and Moderate NW winds from Newport South.


Cape Flattery to California border

Today N winds 10-25 with higher gusts (if you leave from Newport or Coos Bay today take your seasick meds and be prepared to reef the sails)

Thursday N winds 10-20 first half of the day then 5-15 into the evening

Friday SW. winds 5-15 (some rain showers likely especially the further North you are)

Sat-Sun N. winds 0-15

Sea state will start out predicted at 11' with short periods Today, 7' Thursday and down to 4 to 5 feet by Friday


California Border South(tricky to forecast right but I will try)

Today  W to NW winds 5 – 15  for offshore waters more than 15 miles out.  S winds 0 – 15 closer to shore

Thursday perhaps some lingering Southerly the further inshore and further South you are otherwise transitioning to NW winds 5-15 for the entire area by the evening hours

Friday – Sunday NW winds 10-25

Seas starting out at about 9 feet then subsiding to 5 feet by the weekend.  As the wind increases again starting Friday wind waves will build as well.

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