Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The first half of the Coho Ho Ho is complete!

9:29 am "Moments has landed at Berkeley Marina. See you in Mexico! " ...Adam

Now that all the boats have safely completed the first leg of the Coho Ho Ho, we can send a warm congratulations to all the boats, skippers and crews!

Brad Baker at Swiftsure Yachts did a wonderful job with his daily weather briefs.  He will occasional send us updates as the boats make their way down the California Coast.  Also heaps of thanks to our supporters, and to our shore support:  Angela at Dockside Solutions and Lee at Gig Harbor Yacht Sales... More thanks to our sponsors.  We'll be posting about them too!

We will continue to post on boat locations on the blog, as they report on their travels.

The Coho Ho Ho team is very pleased and excited to have reached this milestone and are excited about the ongoing adventures of our boats.  We've a lot of ideas and plans to make next years Coho Ho Ho even bigger and better!

The Coho Ho Ho Founders
Doug Lombard
Karl Christopher
Eva Lombard

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