Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weather Update Southern Oregon, and future weather reports

Hey Karl,

...Life gets hectic for me starting next week.  I'll continue with weather through Tuesday, after that it will likely be spotty for me and I may not get it done first thing in the morning.    It looks like the bulk of the boats will be in anyway.

I see that Moments left Newport and plans to hole up in Eureka.  The reality is the Southerlies won't blow there until Monday and they won't be all that strong anyway.  They might consider continuing on as the Trough and South winds may linger down that way for a few days North of Mendocino on Monday and beyond.  South of Mendocino the winds should be W to NW and in the light to moderate category.    It looks like the fleet had some winds close to 30 knots last night off Bodega Bay,  Over the next few days it is a lot LESS likely to kick up like that, so perhaps a good window for Moments?


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