Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014 - Boat locations August 26 tuesday

Boat information as of 9:30am tuesday aug 26

9:00 am Mikey posted:  Fleet update: Andante underway out of Brookings at 8:30 AM. Rapture will be leaving soon after. Abby Normal is taking a lay day in Brookings to replace a macerator issue and find accommodations for a departing crew member. we got a relay from the US Coast Guard Brookings from Mabruka last night stating they were 17 miles offshore under double reef main sail only and comfortable continuing. Communications with Friday in Port Orford suggest they will be leaving shortly with a plan to stay within 5 miles of shore. A possible target of Brookings this evening.

Cheers Mikey

8:08 am Brad posted:  We (Abby Normal) were leaving Brookings, OR this morning, but while doing pre-daparture checks I noticed a foul odor… result is that I have to replace our macerator pump. A nasty job that I have done before. I have a spare. We will plan on leaving tomorrow morning (8/27). Cheers, and watch what you put down that toilet!

8:13 AM Kaye posted:  Good morning Hoho cohorts,Sonamara, Namaste, and Impulse are departing en masse now from Newport at 0800. We will be doing 8am net amongst us on 4A and net with Brad at 6pm 4A. Dense fog.

6:11 am Brad posted:  re: 6 am net, Nothing heard…  Andante and Abby Normal are planning on leaving Brookings for points south @ 7am this morning.

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