Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coho Ho Ho Sailing Rally 2014 - Boat Locations

most of our boats are in california, or almost Yah!  karl

8:27pm Morris posted:  We (Impulsive) have arrived at our new marina home in San Diego for the next two months. We wish you all good luck. Admiral Debbie & First Mate Morris. 

6:47 pm morris posted:  Impulsive is at Long Beach. All is well.

yesterday scott posted:  The boat Velvet Sky will leave Coos Bay on Tuesday or Wednesday bound for SF. 

August 30 (yesterday) Kaye posted:  Ahoy Coho bunch,Sonamara, Namaste, and The Abby Normals arrived yesterday at Bodega Bay, CA.  Haven't had any contact with Impulse for a few days. Where are you Impulse?  We all took a stroll to town last night for dinner and found a good Mexican restaurant.  The walk home in the dark through the campground and back road was an adventure!    Clear and sunny today which is a welcome relief after days of fog and low clouds. Not sure of departure dates from Bodega Bay, but do know Namaste is here until at least Tues. Cheers and safe travels,

August 30 (yesterday) chris posted:  Sorry there has been no update from Impulse recently, but we have been busy at Sea!  I think Cindy already sent a message so I will keep this short.  We arrived safely in San Francisco (Brisbane Marina) where we will keep the boat for 3-4 weeks before continuing on to San Diego.  We made stops in Crescent City and Ft. Bragg on the way.  A good celebratory dinner was had for our first successful ocean passage!  Cheers to all and thanks for keeping us company down the coast!

The motley crews of Sonamara, Namaste, and Abby Normal at Children's Bell Tower, Bodega Bay

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