Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014 - boat locations and news August 27 Wednesday

[boat location email was delayed because my internet was down, again.  karl]

2:42 pm Kaye posted:  Here's the update to the update. The Sonamara, Namaste, and Impulse bunch plan to book it straight to Bodega Bay with Impulse stopping in Crescent City for fuel. Thanks Galatea for the bad fuel info! Message was radioed to Impulse.   Calm seas and the fog has lifted.  Take care all,  Kaye s/v Sonamara

2:38 pm, Kevin on m/v Andante posted:  Hey all, just back into internet range. Lost it around Mendocino. We left Brookings and the weather looked good and we decided to keep on going along with Rapture who we picked up at Brookings. We just passed Fort Bragg and computer says we should arrive under the bridge late morning.  Status - AIS antenna dead, near miss with a fishing boat again right of Cape Mendocino (2nd time this trip we've had to take evasive action in the night to avoid a collision). Thankfully as the AIS was dying, it decided one last breath during this maneuvering cluster which helped us sort out our actions about 200 times better than just radar. Near miss with a whale this morning thanks to Boo's driving skills. 
We are headed to Berkely Marina.   Anyone have a SWR antenna tester???

10:18 Bradley posted:  Abby Normal left Brookings this morning bound for Crescent City. From there we intend to travel to Eureka, staging for a daylight rounding of Cape Mendocino Friday. The effluent system is working again. I will plan on trying the net tomorrow morning at 6am on 4A, 8A and 12A again. Have had no takers for a couple of days, but then we were tied up at a dock last night texts seem to work fine. If you have text capability just text me your positions and I'll include that.   We are currently at 41 55.792n, 124 7.042w. Wind 2.8k from 180m. Sea is a bathtub in 1/4 mi viz fog.


10:06 am, Kaye posted:  Good morning fellow Hoho'ers,  Sonamara just passed Cape Sebastian, OR. Would guess Namaste to be about 2 hrs ahead. They had Impulse in sight. Namaste plans to head into Crescent City, CA, tonight. Unclear if Impulse plans to do this also.   Quite a bumpy ride yesterday and throughout night. Today better. Headwind of 8kts with 3 ft swells from NW. Getting foggy again.  Cheers,  Kaye

12:11 pm today Steve posted:  Galatea here in SF.   If anyone is headed to Crescent City use caution at the fuel dock there. We filled our Port tank from the diesel low flow fuel pump there and found a significant amount of water in our purchase.  I was changing the oil and putting on new filters after our trip down and decided to polish the Port tank which I had not used since we filled near empty in Crescent City. Still polishing and have pulled almost 1/2 gallon of water in 70 gallons of fuel. The tanks were clean prior to departing so I know it was from the docks there.  If you can pass on fueling here I would recommend that or at the least pre filter as you fill if you have the option.  Maybe pump a  quart in a glass container first and see what your getting.  Just FYI.  Good luck out there.

9:38 am, posted today:  Impulse is 42.11/124.38.  We have had vhf contact with Namaste and Sonomara this morning who are ahead of us and all is well.  We all were planning to beat it to SF but there is rumor of not so good weather so we are anxiously waiting for Brad's weather report.

10:38 am today Millie J posted:  1026 hrs Wednesday August 27th...currently at N35 38.6 W 121 23.8 (about 10 miles west of Pt. Piedras Blancas) motoring at a heading of 96m at 6-6.5 knots.  The wind is 0-10 knots from N to NNW.   The Southerly swell began to build overnight and is about 6-8' at about 12 second period...just big rollers from the south.  Temp is 72 (was nice to NOT do watch in foulies last night!) and  Pressure is 30.05 in and rising - consistent with the local forecast for warmer, dry fog last night nor this AM...we were able to sail a bit yesterday and hope to do so today as the wind becomes a bit more consistent...unfortunately we are going to likely need a fuel stop before making our final stop in long beach seems our options are Morro Bay, Santa Barbara or Ventura / Oxnard.  I know from experience that Ventura and Oxnard are pretty exposed to southerly swells, and Morro Bay sounds like a tricky bar crossing in the best of times...does anyone have experience or knowledge re: Santa Barbara?  we are going to call as we get a bit closer in and get cell coverage - just wondering if anyone has any additional insight?  looks like we would likely enter early tomorrow AM.  boat and crew are all happy healthy and secure. fishing line is out :)

12:20 am last night Jim posted:  Apropos Update - 35 nm from Pt Reyes, motor sailing in 10kt northerly, small NW swell.

yesterday 9:44 pm Morris posted:  Impulsive left San Fran this morning and motored to the Breakwater Cove Marina at Monterey.  We had planned to head out tomorrow but the southerly swells from the hurricane will make anchoring difficult so we are staying a day or two to let the swells die down.
Morris and Debbie

yesterday, Millie J posted:  as of Tuesday August 26th 1800 hrs...N 36 59.4 W 122 27..0 (slightly NW of Monterey Bay)...Sailing with drifter and pole at 134 M at 4.4 knots in 8-12 knots of wind from NW.  Pressure is 29.95 in Hg and steady.  Temp is 75 degrees with beautiful sunny weather.  We motored from SF till about 1600 when then winds finally clocked and held steady to about 10knots.  We believe we were tapped by a small whale earlier in the day while motoring...felt / heard a thump like hitting a log in the puget sound...after the bump, Amy saw a tail about 4-6' across heading aft and downward under the issues from whatever it was....other than that nothing...all is well hope you are all well too...

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