Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014 - Boat locations and news August 28 Thursday

boat locations as i have recieved them till now,  karl

3:29 pm Mike posted:  Andante arrived in Berkeley about noon after meandering around the bay sight seeing. Mabruka arrived and is moored on the SF waterfront. Apropos is in here as well, thinking they went to the SF waterfront as well, after
a couple celebratory drinks I can¹t remember but they are in here. Raptor was just behind all of us and was headed to the Beneteau dealer for some repairs near Alameda?. Friday reported they they were refueling in Bodega to arrive under the GG Friday (no pun intended).

The Berkeley Yacht Club is fantastic, cheap drinks, free showers
available, great view of the entire bay and I will probably get in on the
beer can race tomorrow night (because I have racing blood in me as well as
cruising blood).

1:57 pm, Kaye posted:  Sonamara passing Shelter Cove, north of Fort Bragg, CA. Namaste, Impulse, and Abby Normal in general vicinity, I believe. At last contact, everyone was planning to go to Bodega Bay, arriving tomorrow afternoon.
All is quiet out here on the high seas.  Safe travels,

12:16 pm  Amy posted:  Millie J is safely docked in Santa Barbara Marina slip O15.  The trip from San Francisco was  uneventful...fair seas and very little wind for three days.  Got to say, I think waves and winds makes it a lot more exciting.  The only events were dodging cargo ships and turning Point Conception which had 30 knots winds and 3-4 foot wind waves.  The southern swells were not bad at all. We were traveling about 10 nautical miles away from the coast.

We will spend the weekend exploring the Channel Islands before ending our trip in Long Beach.

11:14 am Lee posted and fyi:  [from the Cal list]  This morning I went to Cabrillo beach and discovered and photographed breaking waves inside the Los Angeles light house making the entrance extremely dangerous. Also there were perfect surfing waves not only on the outer beach but inside on the calm side. As the Westerly picked up it created an offshore on the inner beach creating perfect tube shaped waves between 2 and 4 feet. The calm side beach has not had surf since the 60s-early 70s. Additionally, I got a couple pictures of the water crashing on LA light about 1/2 way to the top.
An exciting day!

6:25 am, Brad posted:

Abby Normal 40 42.86n, 124 30.17w
Sonamara 40 30n, 124 35w
Namaste 40 33n, 124 57w
Impulse 40 28n, 124 38w
These positions via VHF. No answers on ssb 4a, 8a, 12a, or 2128.
Boats checking in making for Bodega Bay. All is well. Cheers,

7:50 pm thursday Scott posted:  It's great and hard to hear at the same time the fantastic trips you are all having. Velvet Sky will leave Coos Bay on the 2nd after having made a trip to Idaho to visit with friends and family.We hope to catch up to you by San Diego. Take care

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