Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fwd: Coho Ho Ho Rally 2014 - Boat locations and news August 30, Saturday

boat locations as i have them 11:27 saturday  karl

10:19 am, Kaye posted:  Sonamara, Namaste, and The Abby Normals arrived yesterday at Bodega Bay, CA.  Haven't had any contact with Impulse for a few days. Where are you Impulse?  We all took a stroll to town last night for dinner and found a good Mexican restaurant.  The walk home in the dark through the campground and back road was an adventure!    Clear and sunny today which is a welcome relief after days of fog and low clouds. Not sure of departure dates from Bodega Bay, but do know Namaste is here until at least Tues.Cheers and safe travels,

6:02 am Morris posted:  We (Impulsive) arrived in Ventura yesterday afternoon after a 34 hour run from Monterey. All is well.

5:35 pm yesterday Brad posted:  Abby Normal is in Bodega Bay. I think we will be waiting out the winds a day to two with Sonamara and Namaste. All is well ;-)

2:47pm yesterday Jim posted:  I'm at Schoonmaker Point marina in Sausalito for the next 3 days. My crew flew back to Seattle today and my wife and daughter arrive tomorrow. If anyone wants to come by, they said a boat could raft up to me for a few hours. The big Arts Festival is a 5 minute walk and is going on all weekend. Let me know if you're interested.

2:48pm yesterday Keving posted:  We're at Berkely till Sunday. Then thinking of angel Island anchor or Sausalito

yesterday cindy posted:  Friday - 1:30PM - Impulse stopped at Ft. Bragg for fuel.  Seas were quiet the past couple of days so not much sailing.  We are headed directly to SF and plan to bypass Bodega Bay.  Hope to arrive at Brisbane Marina sometime tomorrow afternoon, our final destination until closer to the Baja HaHa. Will let you know for sure.

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